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Transfer to Academy High

An extraordinary opportunity awaits you at Academy High. We accept transfer applications throughout the year! Whether you're seeking a new environment or relocating to our town, we're here to help you make a seamless transition to our vibrant community


With proper information and preparation, transferring high schools can be an exhilarating chance for personal and academic growth!


Deborah Bodony

Director of Operations


Jordan Conerty

Head of School

Faculty, Social Studies

We welcome your application materials!

Please reach out today to get started.

It's easier than you think.
  1. Request more information about Academy High.

  2. Learn more about how to apply.

  3. Submit a records request to your current school.

  4. Schedule a visit or shadow day.

  5. Complete the application process.

  6. Get started at Academy High!


"Transferring midway through high school was not a decision we took lightly. We had to weigh the risk of transitioning to a new educational environment versus staying in one that was not working for our child. Fortunately the teachers and administration at Academy High were flexible, supportive, and understanding as our child adjusted to their new environment.


Together we were able to problem solve challenges that arose during that first semester. Fast forward 1.5 years, and our child is on track to graduate from high school and begin college in the fall. Thank you Academy High! "

- Class of 2023 Parent

Academy High has been incredible to work with after my daughter transferred in the middle of sophomore year.  They have also been very proactive and accommodating, identifying the remaining items that she needed for graduation.  For example, my daughter wanted to stay in French, and Academy High leadership helped us identify an acceptable accredited online french class that she can take at school independently. 


This is truly a great school, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is entering high school or considering a transfer.  They teach the students a healthy live and learn balance, which I am sure will go with my daughter into the rest of her life.

- Class of 2024 Parent

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