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College Preparation


College Counseling

Academy High offers a four-year college counseling program that focuses on self-discovery and thoughtful decision-making. Starting in the freshman year, Ms. Lisa Micele, our college counseling consultant who has more than thirty years of experience in the industry, guides families through a process that includes workshops and conversations related to:


  • creating a four-year college preparation plan

  • cultivating meaningful experiences to broaden student's horizons

  • building a comprehensive list of schools that fit student's aspirations

  • selecting majors, minors, and courses of study

  • writing compelling college essays

  • seeking letters of recommendation from faculty who know students well

  • accessing and understanding financial aid, including the FAFSA

Admissions Officers Visits

Bringing college admissions officers to our campus each fall is a crucial part of our commitment to student success. They provide invaluable insights, firsthand information, and personalized guidance to our students, helping them make informed decisions about their future education. By facilitating these face-to-face interactions, we empower our students to explore a wide range of college options, understand application processes, and build connections with institutions that align with their goals and aspirations. It's a vital step in ensuring that our students are well-prepared and equipped to embark on their college journey with confidence and clarity.

College Prep Anchor

College + Culture Tour

Each fall, students in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades take a day trip to visit different college campuses and explore cultural and historical sites. This program offers an excellent opportunity for students to step outside of the local community, to bond with their peers, and to learn about different college contexts.

Standardized Testing

Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)

Academy High engages the Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) to prepare students for standardized test taking. Freshman, sophomore, and junior students take the PSAT once each year during their studies at Academy High. The PSAT is an excellent opportunity to engage in a standardized test in a familiar environment before the college admission process begins.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Our curriculum creates deep, meaningful learning experiences that inspires students to pursue Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Due to all of our courses being college-preparatory in nature and rigorous by design, we do not offer AP classes. However, Academy High students are encouraged to pursue testing as an expression of their commitment to the subject. We have a partnership with local schools that creates an easy experience for students wanting to sit for an AP exam.

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