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How to Apply

Selecting the best possible school for your student is an important process, and Academy High is committed to making your experience personal and informative.


Our admissions process allows our team to get to know your student so we can be mutually confident that they will be happy and successful at Academy High.


Deborah Bodony

Director of Operations


Jordan Conerty

Interim Head of School

Faculty, Social Studies

Early Applicants

Current 7th graders may apply for admission for their freshman year.  While these students will complete 8th grade at their current school, we look forward to securing their spot for 9th grade!  Because Academy High believes in a personalized approach to education, the school is eager to get to know its future students, and their interests, as early as possible.

After our March 1st deadline, Academy High moves to rolling admissions. We welcome your application materials! Please reach out today to get started.


Step 1: Complete An Application

Applications can be completed online or you can request a physical copy.

Step 2: Pay $50 Non-Refundable Application Fee

If you would like to request a waiver for the application fee, please contact

Step 3: Submit Student And Parent/Guardian Statements

Student Statement Prompt

Please submit a statement for each prompt below that is between 150-300 words each.

- How do you learn best? What would be your ideal learning environment?

- Tell us something about yourself that others may not know.

- Share an example of your schoolwork that reflects your passion or interests.

- How does your schoolwork reflect who you are as a student?


Parent/Guardian Statement Prompt

Please submit a statement for each prompt below that is between 150-300 words each.

- What can you share about your student's interests and personality traits?
- What are your student's areas of challenge?

- How have they been supported to overcome different challenges?

- Why do you think Academy High would be a good match or your student and family?

Step 5: Print, Sign, And Send A School Records Release Form To Student's Current School


Step 6: Share The Online Recommendation Form With At Least Two People

We require at least one recommendation from a teacher who has taught the student in the last year.

Step 7: Schedule A Shadow Day At Academy High

Meet students and faculty, attend classes, and participate in a brief conversation with the Interim Head of School.

Step 8:  Submit Indexed Tuition And Empower Illinois Applications (Optional)

Academy High does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, gender identity, religion, color, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin in any of its admission, educational, or other school administered programs.

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