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The mission of Academy High, an independent college-preparatory secondary school, is to inspire students to discover and pursue their passions; to become exceptionally well-educated, academically and personally; and to lead lives of excellence, purpose, and joy.


We believe that by nurturing students to develop adventurous minds, bold spirits, and compassionate hearts, our students can change the world.

Adventurous Minds

  • Encourage creative and critical thinking.

  • Challenge students to engage deeply and meaningfully in learning.

  • Cultivate the joy of learning, discovering, and problem-solving.

  • Strengthen individual talents, be they academic, athletic, or artistic.

  • Teach students to connect, develop, and express complex ideas.


Bold Spirits

  • Encourage students to embrace new challenges with curiosity and excitement.

  • Help students develop the confidence to venture beyond comfort zones.

  • Promote resilience and determination in the face of challenge.

  • Provide opportunities to take risks, self-advocate, and collaborate.

  • Create experiences that help students discover and follow their passions.

  • Entrust students with freedom and responsibility.


Compassionate Hearts

  • Foster honesty, integrity, and compassion, the bedrock elements of character.

  • Promote a commitment to diversity and an appreciation for different perspectives, cultures, and circumstances.

  • Encourage students to be responsible and meaningful citizens in their local, national, and global communities.

  • Nurture self-knowledge and empathy for others, near and far.

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