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Summer Camp 2024

June 10-14
Open to Rising 6th-8th Grade Students

Academy High is thrilled to be hosting camps again this summer! We're excited by the variety of our camp offerings, and the fact that all of our camps are led by Academy High faculty and module instructors. We hope you'll join us!

If you have questions about summer camp please reach out to

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Half Day Camps
Crime Scene Investigation (9-12pm)
Graphic Design (9-12pm)

*** Mural Painting has been sold out. If you would like to be placed on a waitlist, please email

Full Day Camps
Put On a Play (9-4pm)

Pro tip: combine morning and afternoon camps to create a full day experience!

Cost of Attendance

Full Day: $385

Half Day: $220

Cost of attendance includes all necessary camp-related materials, including a camp t-shirt if camper is registered before May 1st.



Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Full Day: 8:45 - 4:15

AM: 8:45 - 12:15

PM: 12:15 - 4:15

Students who participate in full day camps will have an hour lunch from 12-1pm with quiet activities available.

Register Today

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    Refund Policy

    • Canceled registrations prior to April 12th will receive 75% of the amount previously paid.

    • Canceled registrations between April 13th and May 15th will receive 50% of the amount previously paid.

    • Canceled registrations after May 15th will receive 0% of the amount previously paid.


    Half Day Camps

    Crime Scene Tape

    Crime Scene Investigation (9-12pm)

    Join us as we unravel mysteries and explore the world of crime scene investigation. Was Fluffy, the spirited Jack Russell, dognapped during playtime, or did she pull off a daring escape over the fence? Who's behind the lunchtime heists at the middle school lockers? In this exciting camp, students will delve into the fascinating realm of forensic science, discovering how crime scene investigators collect and analyze evidence to crack the case.

    Participate in hands-on labs where you'll master the essentials of fingerprinting, unravel the secrets of hair and fiber analysis, and delve into the world of forensic chemistry. If you have a passion for solving puzzles and love getting your hands dirty with engaging experiments, join us this summer to sharpen your skills as a budding crime scene investigator. It's an unforgettable experience that combines fun, learning, and the thrill of solving intriguing mysteries!

    About The Instructor, Natasha Capell: 

    I have been a high school science teacher for last 15 years. I started my career as a scientist in a research lab where I studied axolotls. Since then, I have taught at the high school and college level and have been the science teacher at Academy High since we opened our doors in 2017. I love getting students excited about science!

    Graphic Shapes

    Graphic Design (9-12pm)

    Embark on a creative journey unlike any other at Academy High's Graphic Design Camp tailored specifically for middle school students! Dive into the exciting realm of visual storytelling, where you'll learn the fundamentals of graphic design while unleashing your imagination. Some projects will be created by hand drawing, and some will be created digitally. From crafting captivating logos to designing eye-catching posters, you'll explore various digital tools and techniques. Projects may include a personal logo, shoe design, “all about me” poster and if time permits, we’ll create a logo for a fictional food truck and make a mini model of the truck!

    About The Instructor, Katrina Widholm: 

    I am an artist, designer and maker and I love to create things! I have a BFA in Visual Communications, an MFA in Interactive Design from the University of Kansas and a Masters in Art Education from the University of Illinois. I enjoy creating opportunities for students to explore, create and make things using the process of design!

    Street art mural

    SOLD OUT - Mural Painting (1-4pm)

    Participants in this camp will map out and create a mural from scratch using imaginative elements. All art materials including acrylic paints, brushes and other media will be provided. Make your mark with a mural!

    With Mural Painting Camp you’ll shape the look and feel of an original artwork from beginning-to-end in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere. Please join us for a hands-on, creative experience!

    About The Instructor, Sasha Rubel: 

    I am a professional, working artist who specializes in creating new original paintings and drawings for galleries and publishers. I have painted murals commercially in Illinois and Florida, bringing technical and practical knowledge to the process, as well as a sense of playfulness and purpose. I am in my fifth year as art module instructor at Academy High, where I focus on developing confidence and connections in young artists through creative, expressive arts and a hands-on exploration of art media and techniques. 

    Full Day Camps

    Performance Lighting

    Put On a Play (9-4pm)

    For students who love to act, this new full day theatre intensive is your opportunity to build an ensemble of middle school actors. An age-appropriate one act play will be chosen especially for the group of participants, and everyone will have a role (or possibly several roles!) to create during the course of the week. We will perform our play for families and friends at the end of Friday's camp day.

    About The Instructor, Jaclyn Loewenstein: 

    I have taught theatre to young people since 1991 in Chicago, New York City, Austin and Champaign, where I am the owner/director of Class Act performing arts studio. I also teach at Countryside School, direct the Penguin Project (theatre with students who have disabilities) for Champaign Urbana Theatre Company, and serve as Producing Artistic Director at Urbana's Station Theatre.

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