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International Student Program

Academy High fosters a diverse community, extending a warm welcome to qualified international students. Through the issuance of F-1 visas, we facilitate a seamless transition for international students to pursue their high school studies in the vibrant academic atmosphere of the United States. 


Our carefully designed academic program not only prepares students for university studies but also leverages the many strengths of our region. Our location allows Academy High to foster collaborative relationships and unique academic partnerships with Parkland College, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and local community organizations to offer our students unparalleled access to resources, opportunities, and a broader academic network.


To foster cultural integration and language development in our closely-knit learning environment, we restrict our program to a limited number of international students annually. Interested students should have strong verbal and written communication skills in the English language; we seek individuals with test scores and grades that reflect the capability to excel in an American college preparatory program.


With a commitment to providing a supportive and globally-minded learning environment, Academy High stands as a gateway for international students seeking a transformative educational experience that will propel them to collegiate success.

Academy High At A Glance

  • Academy High is an I-20 issuing school that is able to sponsor F-1 visas for qualified students.

  • Academy High offers a college-preparatory curriculum that emphasizes a strong foundation in mathematics, science, history, literature, writing, and world languages*. Students also take academic electives and modules outside of the core curriculum to deepen their content knowledge and skill sets.

*Academy High does not have an English as a Second Language (ESL) Program.

The Application Process


Step 1: Get to Know Academy High

There are so many ways that you can get to know Academy High:

Step 2: Complete An International Student Application

International student applications must be completed online. We ask for information about the following in the application:

Step 3: To be considered for acceptance please be prepared to supply the following documents to our admission department for review:

  • Student and Parent Statements

    • Student Statement Prompt

      • Why are you interested in attending Academy High? 

      • Tell us something about what you are seeking in your studies abroad?

    • Parent/Guardian Statement Prompt

      • What can you share about your student's interests and personality traits?

      • How has your child been supported to discover their strengths or overcome different challenges?

  • Translated and Notarized Academic Transcripts and Grade Reports From the Last Two Years

  • Copy of English Proficiency Test Score Reports

    • Acceptable Options: TOEFL or Duolingo English Test

Step 4If admitted, students will be asked for more materials while Academy High prepares the I-20, including the following:

  • Non-Refundable Deposit ($2,500)

  • Copy of Passport

  • Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Proof of Legal Guardianship While In the United States

  • Copy of Bank Certification Letter

  • Please note that students will be required to pay a $350 fee to the U.S. Government when the I-20 is submitted.

Step 5Once the I-20 is complete and the student is approved for an F-1 visa, Academy High will required the following documentation at least two weeks before the student's first day of school:

  • Proof of Health Insurance

  • Proof of Vaccinations

  • Completed Medical Forms

International Applicants Are Encouraged to Apply As Early As Possible for Priority Consideration

Tuition and Fees




International Student Fee


Technology & Supply Fee


Total Cost


*Academy High does not offer tuition assistance or merit scholarships for international students.

Housing and Transportation

While Academy High does not offer or facilitate housing arrangements for our international students, we encourage students to stay with a family member or a friend who can assume guardianship during their studies at Academy High. This approach provides incoming students with a familial connection within our local community as they transition to school in the United States. Travel itineraries and their associated costs are the full responsibility of the international student and their family.

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